NASIO One hundred yearsWe have smiled Japan with sweets.

NASIO One hundred yearsWe have smiled Japan with sweets.



<p class="title_core3">Our three core strengths drive profits growth for the Company.</p> <div id="box_concept" class="col_wrap core3"> <ol class="core3content wow NfadeInUp owo104" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""> <li><span class="ribbon">1</span> <img alt="" src=""> <h3>HOKKAIDO</h3> <p>Sweets from Hokkaido, Japan's No.1 tourist destination and a treasure house of gourmet foods.</p> <a class="link-overlay" href="#hokkaido"></a> </li> <li><span class="ribbon">2</span> <img alt="" src=""> <h3>NASIO CUSTOMIZE</h3> <p>Consistent delivery of earnings growth from "Nasio Customize" to promise assured earnings.</p> <a class="link-overlay" href="#nasio-customize"></a> </li> <li><span class="ribbon">3</span> <img alt="" src=""> <h3>100 YEARS</h3> <p>Sales performance backed by a 100 years of history since foundation.<br></p> <a class="link-overlay" href="#company"></a> </li> </ol> <div id="box_intention" class="wow NfadeInUp owo105" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""> <div class="box_title-ribbon"> <h3><span>100 years, We have smiled Japan with sweets.</span></h3> </div><!–/.box_title_ribbon–> <article id="box_RyozoNashio"> <p> NASIO Co., Ltd. is a confectionery wholesaler founded in 1911. With annual sales of 50 billion yen (2016), we are No.1 in Hokkaido and the 6th largest Company in Japan.</p> <p>Following our founder's aspiration to create a wealthier Japan from Hokkaido through the spread of confectionery, a symbol of peace and happiness, our plan is to expand our presence into Asia and the rest of the world.</p> <figure><img alt="" src=""><br>Founder Ryozo Nashio</figure> </article> </div><!–/#box_intention–> </div><!–/.col_wrap–>


<article id="box_whyHokkaido" class="wow NfadeInUp owo107" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""> <h2 class="title_midHead">Why HOKKAIDO's sweets are so good</h2> <div class="col1"> <figure><img alt="" src=""></figure> <p>Within Japan, Hokkaido is by far the most highly endowed area with fertile land and rich fisheries. Due to its climatic characteristic, wheat rather than rice production has been better suited to Hokkaido, and with livestock raising being very popular, dairy products have been readily available here. Together, such conditions contributed to the development of "gourmet" culture, especially to the birth of delectable sweets. </p> <p>NASIO can provide you with Hokkaido sweets that have been further carefully selected and that also suit your customers' preferences.</p> </div><!–/.col1–> </article> <article class="wow NfadeInUp owo108" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""> <h2 class="title_midHead">HOKKAIDO brand's advantage</h2> <div class="col_wrap"> <div class="col2"> <p>Hokkaido is ranked as the No. 1 tourist destination for both domestic and overseas visitors. in and outside Japan. The reason is it "has delicious food items" and Hokkaido's image as a gourmet destination is renowned on a global level.</p> </div><!–/.col2–> <div class="col2"> <dl class="doRankedNo1"> <dt class="inlineC">In Japan also, Hokkaido is ranked at No. 1</dt> <dd> <div id="ranked"> <p class="inlineC">Attractiveness Ranking of Prefectures</p> <ul> <li><span class="location">HOKKAIDO</span><span class="ratio hokkaido">60.3</span><span class="percentage">60.3</span></li> <li><span class="location">KYOTO</span><span class="ratio kyoto">48.9</span><span class="percentage">48.9</span></li> <li><span class="location">TOKYO</span><span class="ratio tokyo">38.8</span><span class="percentage">38.8</span></li> <li><span class="location">OKINAWA</span><span class="ratio okinawa">35.4</span><span class="percentage">35.4</span></li> <li><span class="location">KANAGAWA</span><span class="ratio kanagawa">33.4</span><span class="percentage">33.4</span></li> </ul> </div><!–/#ranked–> <p class="from">From "Regional Brand Survey 2017" by Brand Research Institute</p> </dd> </dl> </div><!–/.col2–> </div><!–/.col_wrap–> </article> <div id="graph_most-want-to-visit" class="wow NfadeInUp owo109" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""> <dl> <dt>Tourists to Japan from Asia:Hokkaido is ranked at No. 1</dt> <dd> <p>TOP 10 Prefectures "I most want to visit"</p> <p><img class="graph" alt="" src=""></p> </dd> </dl> <p class="from">From "Japan Brand Survey 2016" by Dentsu</p> </div><!–/#graph_most-want-to-visit–>


<h2 class="title_midHead line-up">LINE UP FROM HOKKAIDO</h2> <p>We have very strong connections with confectionery manufacturers and producers of specialty Hokkaido foods, ensuring that we can bring you a wide range and variety of products. We offer the best combination of items to suit your customers' needs and seasonal requirements.</p> <div class="wrap_slick-slider"> <ul class="slick-box"> <li><em>BEANS</em><img alt="" src=""></li> <li><em>CANDY</em><img alt="" src=""></li> <li><em>CARAMEL</em><img alt="" src=""></li> <li><em>RICE CRACKERS</em><img alt="" src=""></li> <li><em>CHOCOLATE</em><img alt="" src=""></li> <li><em>CAKE</em><img alt="" src=""></li> <li><em>SNACK</em><img alt="" src=""></li> <li><em>JELLY</em><img alt="" src=""></li> <li><em>TSUMAMI</em><img alt="" src=""></li> </ul> </div><!–/.wrap_slick-slider–> <article class="wow NfadeInUp owo112" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""> <h2 class="title_midHead">OPTIONAL SERVICE</h2> <p>At your request, we can offer you the following marketing know-hows:</p> <ul id="list_optional-service"> <li> <figure><img alt="" src=""></figure> <h3>1. Creating a remarkable sales booth</h3> <p> We offer support in creating an atmosphere for your sales space that stimulates customers' willingness to buy. We can also make suggestions on store fixtures. </p> </li> <li> <figure><img alt="" src=""></figure> <h3>2. Data analysis</h3> <p> Utilizing the vast amount of data we have accumulated, we will provide you with the know-how on "what to sell and when to sell." </p> </li> <li> <figure><img alt="" src=""></figure> <h3>3. OEM</h3> <p> We can develop and produce original products suited to your company's needs. </p> </li> </ul> </article> <article id="box_North-Colors" class="wow NfadeInUp owo113" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""> <h2 class="title_midHead">North Colors is NASIO's original brand</h2> <div class="col1"> <p>North Colors is NASIO's original brand popular mostly among consumers with raised awareness for security and safety (i.e., the elderly and families with young children).</p> <dl> <dt>1. Made 100% from Japanese ingredients</dt> <dd>All the ingredients are produced in Japan, mainly in Hokkaido.</dd> <dt>2. No food additives used</dt> <dd>No additives are used such as synthetic seasonings, artificial sweeteners, synthetic preservatives, food coloring, artificial flavoring, emulsifiers, antioxidants, and expansion agents.</dd> </dl> <figure><img alt="" src=""></figure> </div><!–/.col1–> </article><!–/#box_North-Colors–>


<div class="col1 wow NfadeInUp owo115" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""> <h2 class="title_midHead">NASIO's <abbr title="Corporate Social Responsibility">CSR</abbr></h2> <p>In 1942, our founder, Ryozo Nashio, donated a library to the local community to show his appreciation for the "blessings of the land, the people, and business." This spirit has been with us ever since, and we are active participants in a range of CSR activities. One of the activities which we have undertaken since 2011 is "Donations to the organ transplant department of Hokkaido University Hospital." This is because the number of organ transplants in Japan due to brain death is still small, and the number of experienced doctors is also limited at present. Seeing patients who were on the verge of death restored to health through transplant surgery inspired us to start our donations so that we could contribute to saving as many lives as possible.</p> </div><!–/.col1–> <div class="col_wrap wow NfadeInUp owo116" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""> <div class="col2"> <dl id="for"> <dt><span>for education</span></dt> <dd>We have donated land for construction of a library to support students' learning.</dd> <dt><span>for medical</span></dt> <dd>We have donated to help advance organ transplant surgeries and related medical services.</dd> <dt><span>for children</span></dt> <dd>We have donated sweets to children's orphanages.</dd> </dl> </div><!–/.col2–> <div class="col2"> <ul id="img_csr"> <li><img alt="" src=""><p>Statue of Ryozo Nashio located at City of Kitami's Central Library</p></li> <li><img alt="" src=""><p>Food bank activities Scene from a press conference</p></li> </ul> </div><!–/.col2–> </div><!–/.col_wrap–> <div class="col1"> <h2 class="title_midHead">COMPANY PROFILE</h2> <!– 20190918 会社概要2018 bak <p id="graph_annual-sales" class="inlineC wow NfadeInUp owo117" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""><img class="graph" alt="" src=""></p> –> <!– 20200701 会社概要2019 bak <p id="graph_annual-sales" class="inlineC wow NfadeInUp owo117" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""><img class="graph" alt="" src=""></p> –> <!– 20210719 会社概要2020 bak <p id="graph_annual-sales" class="inlineC wow NfadeInUp owo117" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""><img class="graph" alt="" src=""></p> –> <p id="graph_annual-sales" class="inlineC wow NfadeInUp owo117" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""><img class="graph" alt="" src=""></p> <dl id="profile" class="wow NfadeInUp owo118" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""> <dt>Company Name</dt> <dd>NASIO Co., Ltd.</dd> <dt>President</dt> <dd>Kimio Taira</dd> <dt>Number of employees</dt> <!– 20200701 会社概要2019 bak <dd>228(As of June 2019)</dd> –> <!– 20210719 会社概要2020 bak <dd>211(As of June 2020)</dd> –> <dd>212(As of June 2021)</dd> <dt>Headquarters</dt> <dd>10-448-9 Hachiken 9Jo Nishi, Nishi-ku, Sapporo,Hokkaido 063-0849,Japan</dd> <dt>TEL</dt> <dd>+81-11-642-5155</dd> <dt>Export BusinessDivision</dt> <dd>Shiba L's Building 6th&7th floors',1-5-11 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014, Japan</dd> <dt>Annual Sales</dt> <!– 20200701 会社概要2019 bak <dd>54.6billion YEN (As of May 2019)</dd> –> <!– 20210719 会社概要2020 bak <dd>53.9billion YEN (As of May 2020)</dd> –> <dd>54.3billion YEN (As of May 2021)</dd> </dl> </div><!–/.col1–> <div id="conN2" class="modal-content-sprite"> <div class="wrap"> <section id="modal_histry"> <h1>100 YEAR' S OF COMPANY HISTORY</h1> <div id="wrap_histry"> <dl> <dt><span>1883</span>Sept.</dt> <dd><div> <figure><img alt="" src=""></figure> Founder Ryozo Nashio opened a general store in Kitami, Hokkaido</div></dd> </dl> <dl> <dt><span>1966</span>Dec.</dt> <dd><div>Expanded business to Sapporo</div></dd> </dl> <dl> <dt><span>1972</span>Aug.</dt> <dd><div>Stared trading with GMS</div></dd> </dl> <dl> <dt><span>1976</span>Apr.</dt> <dd><div> <figure><img alt="" src=""></figure> NASIO's first branded product sold, "White Chocolate"</div></dd> </dl> <dl> <dt><span>1978</span>May</dt> <dd><div>Stared trading with convenience stores</div></dd> </dl> <dl> <dd id="headquarter"><figure><img alt="" src=""></figure>Sapporo Headquarters</dd> </dl> <dl> <dt class="year">1994</dt> <dd><div>Opened an office in Tokyo</div></dd> </dl> <dl> <dt class="year">2008</dt> <dd><div>Expanded our presence across Japan</div></dd> </dl> <dl> <dt class="year">2011</dt> <dd><div>100th anniversary of our business</div></dd> </dl> <dl> <dt class="year">2016</dt> <dd><div>Achieved annual sales of 50 billion yen</div></dd> </dl> </div><!–/#wrap_histry–> <div class="PV_modal-close"><a class="modal-close">CLOSE</a></div> </section><!–/#panel_histry–> </div><!–/.wrap–> </div><!–/.modal-content-sprite–> <h2 class="link_histry col_wrap wow NfadeInUp owo119" data-wow-duration="" data-wow-delay="" data-wow-offset=""><a data-target="conN2" class="modal-open link_histry">100 YEAR' S OF COMPANY HISTORY</a></h2>


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